Coredy TA100 Nano Travel Router with Access Point / Repeater / Router

SKU : TA100

Weight: 22g / 0.8 oz
Dimension: 60*29*20mm / 2.4*1.2*0.8 in
Band: 2.4GHz
Transfer rate: Up to 150Mbps



Eliminate dead internet zones

Still worry about no or weak WIFI signal? Using this pal, you can easily connect with the network cable or weak WIFI signal and make your own strong WIFI zone with a bandwidth up to 150Mbps.


Your secret pal for net-work wired only devices. with the Integrated antennas, it can receive the WIFI signal and connect to your device through the network cable as a bridge in the Repeater Mode.


It’s easy to switch between the Router and AP/Repeater Mode. And it’s easy to connect the WPS supported router(which is common in nowadays’ routers) and android Devices with only pushing the WPS button. So no more worry of the complex connecting process and the wireless security encryption.


Like your smart phones, you have variable choices getting it powering, through the wall-plug, a power bank, or from a USB port on a PC,/ laptop. Compact grab'n go size, just a fraction room in your bag. And may get along well with your other devices.

Package included:

1 x TA100 Mini Wi-Fi Range Extender
1 x User Manual