Coredy Robotic Vacuum with Mop and Water Tank, High Suction Vacuuming to Medium-Pile Carpets, Wet/Dry Mopping Hard Floor, Filter for Pet, Self-Charging, Daily Schedule Cleaning

SKU : R500

● 3-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner and mop
● 5 cleaning modes meet vary preferences
● 7.0cm ultra-thin fuselage design to clean up the hard to reach garbage
● 300ml large water tank can floor mops cleaning for the whole house at a time
● Robotic vacuum cleaner kit including robot vacuum cleaner and accessories

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Coredy R500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is designed to intelligently navigate and clean an entire level of your home, a multifunctional function robot with Cleaning - Sweeping, Vacuuming, Wet/Dry Mopping for your home.

Auto Cleaning Mode
At the start of a cleaning cycle, Coredy R500 Robot will map out your home automatically, and cleaning them efficiently, Once Robot finishes its cleaning cycle, Robot returns to the Charging Dock to recharge.

Wet/Dry Floor Cleaning Mode
Coredy R500 Robot supply a 300ml capacity water tank that the robot can floor mops cleaning for your home.

Max Vacuuming Cleaning Mode
MAX Vacuuming Mode increase vacuum power to 1400PA to provide a deeper clean.

2600mAh High-Capacity Li-Ion Battery
Coredy Robot Vacuum cleans up to 110 mins per charge, you get to enjoy a completely multi-room of your home from a single charge.

Low 2.7" Profile Design
With a low 2.7" profile design, Coredy Robot Vacuum can vacuum where dirt and dust hide, navigating around furniture and under beds, sofas and other hard-to-reach places.

Always Prepared to Clean
Coredy Robot Vacuum automatically returns to the charging base when power is low, ensuring it’s always charged and ready to vacuum.

Large Dustbox
A large 550ml dustbox holds more dirt per clean and reduces the frequency of emptying.

Dual Anti-Collision Systems
12 infrared sensors combine with a pressure-sensitive bumper for enhanced navigation.

Clean from the Couch
Use the remote control to manually control Robot Vacuum cleaning path and to preset a cleaning time.